LEV063 Promo OUT 2017 IG
OUT NOW! LEV063 : Rowan van Beckhoven – Am...

Dutch producer Rowan van Beckhoven makes his debut in the trance scene in the most amazing way, with his brand […]

SSW111 Promo OUT 2017 IG
OUT NOW! SSW111 : Nago – Me & You

Japanese talent Nago marks his debut on our white imprint with his fresh tune titled ‘Me & You‘, a radiant […]

SSR299 Promo OUT 2017 IG
OUT NOW! SSR299 : Jeitam Osheen – Hathor

Jeitam Osheen makes his debut on Silent Shore to charm us with the enigmatic sounds of his Arabic style. He […]

SSW110 OUT Artist Promo Image
OUT NOW! SSW110 : Peter Santos – Above The...

Our white imprint is happy to welcome the Italian producer Peter Santos, who debuts on the label with a lovely […]

LEV062 Promo OUT 2017 IG
OUT NOW! LEV062 : Sergey Lagutin – Frosty ...

We start the year with a brilliant release by Sergey Lagutin, who arrives from the cold Russia to deliver his […]

SSR298 OUT Artist Promo Image
OUT NOW! SSR298 : Omniks – Looking For You

We kick off 2017 with an extraodinary release by Belarusian talent Omniks, who brings us his brand new tune called […]

OUT NOW! LEV061 : Braulio Stefield – Kuyen...

After his debut on Levitated as the winner of the remix contest for our 50th release, Braulio Stefield has returned […]

OUT NOW! SSR297 : Sajjad Zakaria – Aphrodi...

Young Iranian producer Sajjad Zakaria debuts on Silent Shore Recordswith his new beauty called ‘Aphrodite‘, an extraodinary uplifter that combines […]

OUT NOW! LEVC008 : Revitalia, Vol. 1 (Mixed By M...

Venezuelan rising star Manuel Rocca presents us a newest concept, his brand new mixed compilation series, ‘Revitalia’. For this first […]

OUT NOW! SSR296 : MaxRevenge – Accelerate

MaxRevenge bursts in once again on Silent Shore with his new trance banger called ‘Accelerate‘, a smashing tech-lifter fully charged […]

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