SSR013: Odonbat – Diamond Dust EP

Release date: 20/04/2010
Record label: Silent Shore Records
Format: wav/mp3

Some might say its lucky some might say its not. Anyway time had come and we are releasing our 13th release on Silent Shore Records. This time from the other side of the world comes an EP by best Mongolian producer Odonbat!

Support: Airbase, Bobina, Faruk Sabanci, Max Angel Suzy Solar and many more…

Odonbat serve two magnificent tunes on his Diamond Dust EP: Diamond Dust and Beside The Moon.

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Diamond Dust is a high quality progressive tune with huge energy to give. You will for sure enjoy Odonbat‘s work work with all aspects of this tune. It is really suitable for any club event!

Beside The Moon is heading more uplifting way. If you fancy speed bass line combined with acids, effects and fast transitions than this one is the one for you!

Release comes with Sayphonik Is Freq Nasties Remix of Diamond Dust and ReOrder Remix of Beside The Moon.

Sayphonik Is Freq Nasties Remix of Diamond Dust starts simple with kick and percussions before he shows up the synth basses and his passion for playing with sounds. Really this remix will for sure warm up every DJ mix.

ReOrder Remix of Beside The Moon goes in as you know him the best. Energetic uplifting flight to ecstasy. This is ReOrder as we know him and there not much to say you gotta hear this! We hope you will enjoy this release!

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