SSR014: Daniel Loubscher pres. Identikal – Rush

Release date: 03/05/2010
Record label: Silent Shore Records
Format: wav/mp3

Release number 14 comes with new single from huge South African producer Daniel Loubscher. And this one is dedicated to the Hard Beat Lovers! Release brings you Original Mix and Remixes by: Manuel Juvera, Viceverse and Vodka.

Original mix is completely filled by energy leaking out of every beat in the row. Daniel inputs his all skills and finally takes you out of everyday routine.

Manuel Juvera is the guy who will make you stand and dance as hell. With his love to strong kicks and underground sounds this remix adds really tasty feeling.

Viceverse, these two talented producers took the darker way of remix. Deep bass lines supported by original string pads will fire you to the unexplored galaxy.

Vodka remix nicely closes whole release. With its dynamic drive, crazy bass lines and energetic leads this remix force you to jump the center of dance floor and break the dance part of your soul.

We hope you enjoy this release and thank you all for your support.

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