SSR015: Johan Ekman – Lifebreak EP

Release date: 10/05/2010
Record label: Silent Shore Records
Format: wav/mp3

We are proud to welcome a new member to our label family. The one and only Johan Ekman just as you know him and want him. Hard, ruff, speedy and bangin!

His d├ębut on Silent Shore Records is proud to wear a name Lifebreak EP including tune Lifebreak and If You Seek Me. Lifebreak is a pure uplifting with no boundaries throughout the tune. Banging intro comes into amazing breakdown accompanied with teasing melody of a piano nicely takes you to do chorus where people on a dance floor have no other option than burst into dance!

On the other hand If You Seek Me is a real banger. Pumping baseline strong kick and the energy so needed for each DJ mix in the clubs around.

Release comes with Lifebreak remixes by Odonbat and A.T.M.

Odonbat chooses more progressive baselines and high quality play with sounds which is his mark on each tune. Very nice club remix with warm atmosphere of the breakdown and slight update to melody make this remix a piece of trance art.

A.T.M. are freshmen on the scene but for sure they will shake some clubs in near future. Since the beginning you can feel that these guys are still young and wild with no respect! Absolute beauty in hands of this duo. If you fancy energy than this remix is just for you.

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