SSD028: MaDi & Kristofer – Hot Balloon

Release date: 2012-12-24
Record label: Silent Shore Deep
Format: WAV/MP3

Ever felt uneasy or not in the best shape? Well it’s highly possible you just need an energy refill, therefore we present you “Hot Balloon” made by MaDi & Kristofer. One truly energizing progressive beauty.

DJ/Radio Support: Bobina (Russia Goes Clubbing 219), Markus Schulz, Ashley Wallbridge, Karybde & Scylla, Abstract Vision, Dave Deen, Matt Groves, Suffused, OzzyXPM, Suzy Solar, LRCN and more…

SSD028: MaDi & Kristofer - Hot Balloon

You can choose between Original Mix, Club Mix or MaDi’s Intro Chill Mix.

Original comes with smooth bass, crispy lead melody and very warm feel overall, just wait for the main pad melody to kick in and you’ll feel and understand.

Club Mix is a real banger, even on the first look you might not feel the difference, when it drops in the main part you can just explode with joy.

Chill Intro Mix served by MaDi is pure, refreshing and smooth piece of a tune. It sounds so encouraging,you almost feel like bird flying over the land enjoying its endless freedom.

We believe you will enjoy this release.

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Worldwide Release Date: 24/12/2012

Thank you all for your support


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