Silent Shore White

Silent Shore White as a first sublabel of our main imprint was established in 2011 by a labels new member Mateusz “Matt Trigle” Bąkowski. His passion for euphoric and uplifting melodies was true and so were the releases. Silent Shore White quickly gained on strength and now it proudly stands on the top of the worlds purest Uplifting Labels.

One of the most popular SSW releases back in 2012 was definitely A.R.D.I.’s Premonition which also proudly took place on many Armin van Buuren’s compilations including Universal Religion or ASOT TOP 20 2012 and ASOT Yearmix.

During the years SSW gave birth to artists like A.R.D.I., Dmitry Golban, M.D.K., Sunset Slave, Miroslav Vrlik, Myk Bee, Manuel Rocca, and others.

In late 2013 Matt suddenly passed away but label stays true to his memory and continues the Uplifting and Emotional Trance journey.

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