SSR Interview with ReOrder: “I always wanted to work with Paul van Dyk”

Tibor Tomecko, aka ReOrder, is undoubtedly one of the most promising producers in the trance scene today. He regularly performs alongside the world’s DJ elite, his productions are widely supported and he is no stranger to fans of A State Of Trance. For those who don’t know, he is the owner and CEO of silent Shore Records


Here is the first SSR Interview made by our official reporter Adam Kehoe. Enjoy!

01/ What got you into Trance music?

It all happened around 1997 when German VIVA TV started to broadcast in Slovakia. I had a chance to take a sip of this amazing style of music. I believe it was Blank & jones “Cream” that completely changed my way of being. After that it as mainly trance for me and still is!

02/ What is your definition of Trance?

Trance is the that one style of music that can make you feel happy when you are sad, It makes you feel like there is something worth living for. You can either dance to it or fly with it. It gives away so much emotions in few simple minutes as no other style.

03/ What is the best event you have performed at so far, and how was it?

There were so many, but there are always few that stand out. I really enjoyed Argentina, Canada or Australia as well as Europe stages. This year so far i give a thumbs up to Luminosity. You have people coming in from all corners of our planet who came only to have fun and enjoy trance music. It is not the biggest event there is but it unites the right people in right time and right place! I had a chance to play a sunset mix on Saturday and the atmosphere is just hard to describe. I believe it was all caught on video and the mix is on youtube if anyone wants to taste the feel of that atmosphere a bit.

04/ SSR 250 is almost here. What can the fans expect from the label for this milestone in the record label’s history?

During past 2 years label went trough so many changes. Since our label manager and a great friend Matt Trigle left us, it was pretty hard for me to keep it running. Luckily we teamed up with Abora Recordings and they helped us to get back on feet. There is so much good music coming up this year. We are working on a SSR250 Anthem with Manuel Rocca and myself and I can say its something to look forward to!

05/ Do you like any other genres other than Trance, and why?

I am not picky about the style of music, if it touches me even a tiny bit I am always open to listen. For me it just has to give away something special, something that stays within. But I admit I am a big fan of dark Drum’n’Bass style. I used to play and MC dnb in my youth years (not that I am not young :D). It was fun and great lesson for the future:) It just has that twisted vibe I enjoy.

06/ Would you be interested in collaborating with someone in the future that you have never worked with before?

I always wanted to work with Paul van Dyk, I am a really big fan of his work, he is really great in what he does and he does it himself. These days many producers use ghost producers and many are trying to sound like someone else. PvD is doing his own stuff and believe in what he does just like me.

07/ Do you attend other events and mingle with the crowd as a clubber?

Of course, from time to time and when I am free I get out of the dark corners of my studio and head out. Mostly here in Prague, we have several great events over here. Last year I could not resist to go see Trancefusion – The Legends with likes of Kai Tracid, Rank 1, Marusha, Talla 2xlc and others. What a night it was, you could see me jumping around with happiness. It felt like I was 15 again 😀

08/ ReOrder is known amongst the Trance community as a very uplifting DJ with amazing tunes such as ‘Sky Harbour’, ‘Hands Of Time’ and ‘Gemini’. How long does it take to produce amazing Trance such as these tunes?

It depends, I tend to work fast on my tracks so the main idea is there on the first or latest next day. If I leave it for more it is just a waste of time and also the original idea behind the track is long gone. Of course it is not finished in a day, but the idea must be there. Than for week or two and sometimes more it is all about shaping the statue to its final looks

09/ What does the rest of 2015 have in store for ReOrder?

Well as mentioned earlier, you can look forward for my collaboration with Manuel Rocca for our SSR250 Anthem. I have also new Originals coming out on Flashover Recordings, FSOE and How Trance Works. There are two new vocal collaborations on a way with Roxanne Emery and Ana Criado as well. Also as SkyPatrol we have new single “shut up” really close to be released.

I am starting a new Radio Show called DisOrder Radio after summer, so after almost a year I will be back on radio.

As far as the gigs go I am really excited to meet the trance fans in Melbourne, Glasgow, Gdansk, Helsinki and many others later this year. If all goes well I should finally please the ears of USA Trance Family by the end of this year as well:)

10/ And finally, Who would you say are some of your biggest influences on your music today?

The biggest influence is my beautiful girlfriend Sarka and our little chihuahuas. I take inspiration in life, in everything it brings. The events I play also take a huge impact on the music I create, It is always best to test new ideas live on stage and see what drives people the most:)

Thank you for your time.

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