Silent Shore Records


Silent Shore Records was found in the spring of 2009 by Tibor Tomecko & Lukas Novak for the purpose to deliver fresh and quality electronic music to the clubbing community.

They felt that there has to be some change in the world of electronic dance music. After a short time, they came up with an idea of an EDM label which will combine quality sounding tunes with massive ideas from new talented producers worldwide. As a label, their goal was to deliver emotive, energetic and uplifting sounds for everyone. Since the first release it was obvious that they were on a good track. By the words of Solarstone: ‘Very promising new label’ they entered the world of EDM.

SSR most respected artists such as ReOrder, A.R.D.I., Kaimo K, Running Man, Damian Wasse, Myk Bee, Miroslav Vrlik, Ikerya Project, First Effect, Manuel Rocca, and other talented producers from around the world are only few names that they brought to the scene.