SSW063: Digital Elements – Perfect Sense

Release date: 2013-07-15
Record label: Silent Shore White

This Croatian Duo have produced this Debut Collab on the White Brand of Silent Shore, and its to Phenomenal Effect.

DJ/Radio Support: Max Graham (Cycles Radio 113), Matt Bukovski (Surrounded 030), tranzLift (Beyond This World 006), Chapter XJ (Arising Tales 020), Odonbat (Paradise Radio 011), Angel Ace Pres (Innertrance LXXXV) and more…

SSW063: Digital Elements - Perfect Sense

A Very Dream progressive track, which we believe to be fitting in the biggest DJ’s Sets, with its Massive Sounds and its very Unique Chord progressive. this track for sure is enough to get your hairs on the back of your neck to stand up throughout the duration of this piece. The breakdown in this track does not have too much going on melody wise, Gently bringing out a Crisp & Clean Saw Lead to great avail, that is what makes this track so special.

Our VERY good friend Estigma has for sure stamped his print on this track with a mixture of Tech Trance and Uplifitng. his fast grooves and his Epic breakdowns give this track a totally different Direction, maybe focused on the Headlining section of any club night.

Everybody knows Mike van Fabio and this remix clarifies why we know him sooo well. Just as you thought this track could not go in YET another direction Mike proves you wrong. This is for sure a little taste of what the 00’s usesd to be like but still bringing it up to 2013 standard. Incredibly euphoric and and uplifting. With lots of gated vocals and pads simultaneously pushing the baseline and very clean percussion to its limits. Carrying on through the breakdown until those SuperSaws take Emotional Effect.

We Can garuntee that if you don’t have this in your collection you collection will feel EMPTY.

We believe you will enjoy this release.

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Worldwide Release Date: 15/07/2013

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