SSR172: Airborn – Waiting For You

Release date: 2013-10-14
Record label: Silent Shore Records
Format: WAV/MP3

Airborn is no longer an upcoming producer, his tunes and mashups are rockin at the moment and we are happy to present you his next release with us called Waiting For You.

DJ/Radio Support: Manuel Le Saux (Extrema 330), Matt Bukovski (Surrounded 036), Pedro Del Mar (Mellomania Deluxe 609), Ex-Driver (Land Of Dreams 126), Allen & Envy & Ferry Tayle (Together As One Podcast 010) and more…

SSR172: Airborn - Waiting For You

Original Mix has an insane amount of energy from deep within this production. Chunky basslines alongside a very forward moving arpeggio gives this track an inexplicable amount of drive. Perfectly positioned vocal stabs panning the whole stereo also give groove into the breakdown, analog distorted strings and the continued arpeggio play a short breakdown which builds to a MASSIVE drop.

An uplifting take on a very aggressive and forward driving original. Kaimo’s take is very warm, subtle & easy to the ears. Seamless transitions and reverse reverberated effects pronounce all the elements in extraordinary fashion. Euphoric breakdowns with insatiable trance typical plucks sit in and around very shiney analog”like” pad strings.

Two Extremely powerful tunes that we have high hopes for in there respect genres.

As a cherry on top Airborn himself prepared a Chill Out version to bring peace into a heavy sound.

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Worldwide Release Date: 14/10/2013

Thank you all for your support


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