TDL018: Estigma – Artemis

Release date: 2014-01-20
Record label: Trancedental Recordings
Format: WAV/MP3

For our 18th release we are pleased to give you the new track from the Argentina based producer and label boss Estigma, this time with a solid Uplifter called "Artemis".

DJ/Radio Support: Veselin Tasev (Digital Trance World 298), Allen & Envy (Together As One Podcast 022), Dave Cold (Icy Trance Sessions 033), Abstract Vision (Cool Stuff 029) and more…

 TDL018 Estigma  - Artemis

A few months have passed since the very first release of Estigma on Trancendental Recordings, but the wait was worth it! Artemis is a true uplifting moster, with a very strong and powerfull percusion and basslines, with that acid touch that characterize his productions. The main melody will remind you the gold age of trance, but with the new an clear sounds. Seriously, if you want a truly dancefloor killer you can’t pass of it.

On remix duty we have a duo who doesn’t need so much introductions: we have the UK based duo Allen & Envy. If someone know how to improve a track are this guys. They take the original melody and take it to another level, more melodic but non less powerfull. A perfect remix job to complete maybe one of our best releases so far!

We believe you will enjoy this release.

Exclusive Release Date on 06/01/2014

Worldwide Release Date: 20/01/2014

Thank you all for your support


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