SSR422 : Vascotia presents Aztec – Aztec

Release date: Sep 29, 2023
Record label: Silent Shore Records
Format: WAV/MP3

Silent Shore Records proudly presents a stunning release by the legendary Norwegian duo Vascotia. They bring us a mystical track called ‘Aztec’ under their Aztec guise, a divine uplifter with classic vibes, profound sounds and mesmerizing melodies that will surround your mind immediately.

After some releases on FSOE and Raz Nitzan Music, Vascotia’s countrymen, the talented producers Northern Project deliver their own interpretation of ‘Aztec’, a slightly darker and stylized version with solid beats and hypnotic leads.

These marvelous harmonies will take you into the middle of a majestic snowy forest. Close your eyes and enjoy!

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