SSR106: Hekmat – Tales Of The Extreme

Release date: 2012-05-28
Record label: Silent Shore Records

The sweet summer sky and a tales from the unknown are bringing us Hakmat, a new artist which sounds has resound from far beyond to sucessfully make his first debut “Tales Of The Extreme” on the Silent Shore Records.

DJ/Radio Support: Aly and Fila (Future Sound Of Egypt 236), Steve Anderson (Same Radio Show 178), Manuel Le Saux (Top Twenty Tunes 405), ReOrder (In Trance I Believe 130), Giuseppe Ottaviani, Suzy Solar, RAM, Estigma, Ex-Driver, Six Senses, ChapterXJ, Anna Lee, Haris C, Matt Trigle, Dave Deen, Robert Gitelman, Odonbat, Jordan Waeles and more…

SSR106: Hekmat - Tales Of The Extreme

Riding on the waves of trance, by bringing out the lights of a deep progressive and lifting it out with a core od mesmerizing, sparkling sounds to a warm, melodic breakdown, filled with a dreamy piano at the end of which hard-hitting kicks simply delivers an absolute madness, “Tales Of The Extreme” have brought the colour to the Silent Shore with its well balanced flow and all necessary ingredients.

More melodic, faster and balearic orientated remix is coming from the studio of Miroslav Vrlik,

while Pandora Remix turns up the side of the “tales” to a pure, melodic, Uplifting heaven.

We believe you will enjoy this release.

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Worldwide Release Date: 11/06/2012

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