SSD027: Miroslav Vrlik – Dark Side

Release date: 2012-11-12
Record label: Silent Shore Deep
Format: WAV/MP3

After some time Miroslav Vrlik is back again with his fresh release called Dark Side. Miroslav surely did not join the dark side of the force but in this track we are not really sure about his intentions in future. One way or another he brings one hell of a huge club destroyer!

DJ/Radio Support: Arctic Moon (Afterworld 009), ReOrder (In Trance I Believe 147), Markus Schulz, Manuel Le Saux, Ashley Wallbridge, RAM, Simon Bostock, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Odonbat & Grooby, Raz Nitzan, Abstract Vision, Dave Deen, Matt Trigle, Suzy Solar, Karybde & Scylla, Matt Groves, Crystal Clouds and more…

SSD027: Miroslav Vrlik - Dark Side

Dark side is genuinely progressive piece with huge clubby potential including everything the great tune can provide. Build up prepares you smoothly and gets you in the right rhythm. Breakdown fills you with just enough energy so you can smoothly dance trough what is coming at you. We will not reveal anymore, you just got to hear it.

We believe you will enjoy this release.

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Worldwide Release Date: 26/11/2012

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